Higginstown, Tyrrellspass, Co.Weatmeath

Golfer of The Year

2018 Golfer of the Year


All members qualifying competitions will count for the Golfer of the Year. Points are as follows:

  • Captain’s & President’s Prize Points scale: (nett scores): 1st-50pts, 2nd-30pts, 3rd-20pts, 4th-10pts, 5th-9pts, 6th-7pts, 7th- 6pts, 8th-5pts, 9th-4pts, 10th- 3pts.
  • Monthly Medal’s Points scale: (nett scores):1st-30pts, 2nd-15pts, 3rd-12pts, 4th-9pts, 5th-7pts, 6th-6pts, 7th- 5pts, 8th-4pts, 9th-3pts, 10th- 2pts.
  • Single Match Play Points Scale: 1st-30pts, 2nd-20pts, 3rd-8pts, 4th-5pts.
  • Weekend Competition’s Points scale (nett scores): 1st-10pts, 2nd-7pts, 3rd-5pts, 4th-3pts, 5th-2pts,
  • Saturday Sweep Stake Points scale (net scores): 1st-5pts, 2nd-3pts, 3rd-2pts
  • All players who complete a qualifying competition and return a score will be given 1 point.